I ['letə] n

Any letters for me today? — Мне есть сегодня письма?

The letter went astray. — Письмо попало не по адресу.

The letter was lost. — Письмо затерялось.

The letter was wrongly addressed. — На письме стоял неверный адрес

- long letter
- strong letter
- short letter
- tender letter
- official letter
- emphatic letter
- urgent letter
- indiscreet letter
- registered letter
- respectful letter
- slanderous letter
- personal letters
- fatal letter
- preliminary letter
- congratulatory letter
- circular letter
- business letters
- boyhood letters
- air-mail letter
- adjustment letter
- very guarded letter
- smoothly-worded letter
- typewritten letter
- unstamped letter
- dry and poorly-worded letter cyxoe
- ill-spelled letter
- unsigned letter
- unfinished letter
- incoming and outgoing letters
- covering letter
- pleading letter
- obliging letter
- credential letters
- letter box
- letter form
- letter of three days ago
- letter from smb to smb
- letters to smb
- letter of some lines only
- a letter of introduction
- letter of appreciation
- letter of acknowledgement
- letter of guarantee
- a letter of credit
- a letter of inquiry
- letter of verdict
- letters of recall
- letter of advice
- letter of attorney
- letter of notification
- letter of transmittal
- letter of instruction
- letter of conveyance
- occasion of letters
- the body of the letter
- lot of letters
- recept of a letter
- postcript of a letter
- at the back of the letter
- in a letter home
- acknowledge the letter
- address a letter to a friend
- answer letters
- arrange letters
- apply by letter
- begin a letter with a greeting
- call for letters
- cash a letter of credit
- communicate by letter
- draw up letters
- date letters
- deliver letters
- deliver letters into smb's hands
- dictate letters to a typist
- direct letters to smb
- drop a letter
- drop smb a letter
- enclose smb's letter with one's own
- exchange letters
- file letters
- find a missing letter
- fling the letter into the waste basket
- fold a letter
- forward smb a letter
- hand smb a letter
- send a registered letter
- keep one's old letters
- keep one's letters under lock and key
- leave the letter unfinished
- leave a letter for smb
- mail letters
- mislay a letter
- open a letter
- put the letter into the envelope
- quote a letter as it stands
- reply letters
- send the answer by a registered letter
- sign a letter of protest
- stamp a letter
- submit letters for signiture
- tear a letter open
II ['letə] n
1) буква, знак, шрифт

He kept the letter of the law but not the spirit. — Он держался буквы, но не духа закона.

Letters are put in italic type to show that they are important. — Буквы печатают курсивом, чтобы подчеркнуть их важность.

- small letter
- initial letter
- syllabic letters
- runic letters
- black letters
- white letters
- italic letters
- letter for letter
- the letter of the law
- letters of the alphabet
- combinations of letters
- dropping of letters
- in letter and in spirit
- in golden letters
- be bound by the letter of the law
- carry out the law both in letter and in spirit
- carry out the instruction to the letter
- cross a letter out
- drop a letter
- enclose a letter in a circle
- know one's letters
- know smth to the letter
- obey to the letter
- teach the child his letters
- write in large letters
2) (обыкновенно pl) литература

Letters kept pace with art — Литература и искусство шли рука об руку.

He forsake letters for politic — Он забросил литературу ради политики

- man of letters

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